Carpathian Panoramas

It's now been raining for two days and I can finally start complaining about the weather in Sweden. You see, it has actually been quite nice and sunny here ever since I came back from Singapore. Now it's all rainy and horrible. So now I can say it's just exactly the way I predicted!

I went looking for some sun in my old photos and found these panorama pictures of the Carpathians. The thing is that I had just learnt how to take a panorama photo with my phone a day before we went for hiking (yes, I had owned that phone for 9 months by then). So I was kind of crazy about panoramas and most of my pictures from the hiking trip look like this:

  1. The sunset

  2. The starting point

  3. It's funny how it doesn't look so steep at all when you make a panorama out of it

  4. The beauty

  5. A moment of peace

  6. Another moment of peace

  7. And last but not the least. One piece of wisdom. Make you sure your object is not moving when you are making a panorama! ;)

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