Hiking in the Carpathians

After a job interview on Tuesday morning I got a case to solve at home. If I solve if nicely the chances are very good that I get this job. Even though the task is super exciting (I could hardly fall asleep last night trying various solutions in my head), it's also really painful. The more time I spend on the solution I've chosen to investigate, the harder is the feeling that this might be a dead end solution. So now that I've alredy got a headache and got lost in all the various scenarios, I'm taking a break and uploading some beautiful pictures taken on our hiking trip in the Ukrainian Carpathians in August.

The trip lasted two and a half days, and we covered about 21 km (about 1300 vertical meters up) on the first day and about 18km (1000 vertical meters down) on the second day.

  1. alt

  2. On the top of Mt. Blyznytsia, 1883m.

  3. Taking a break (from a break)

  4. A lot of horses in the mountains

  5. Our team on the top of Mt. Tempa, 1634m

  6. The sunset, day 1

  7. This lake was the only source of water that we passed on our first day. So we had to walk all the initially planned 21km simply because we had no choice. By the sunset of day 1 we felt almost dead. It felt like walking another 5km (in the dark) to the lake was impossible. But we had to, because otherwise we would have stayed with no water and no hot dinner.

  8. Cooking the breakfast

  9. The sunset

I guess it's now time to go back to solving my case.
Happy Friday, everyone!

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