Sunlight Hours


According to a report from SMHI (Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute) Stockholm has received around 5 sunlight hours during this November. (Now you have to stop reading for a moment and try to imagine: 5 sunlight hours. It's one hour of sun every sixth day). This is the absolute minimum ever registered by SMHI since 1908 when they started recording these measurements. The previous record was registered in 2000 with just 8 sunlight hours.

So yesterday I was skyping with my parents. After I had informed them of this particularly important piece of news my father asked: "So how does it make you feel?" I thought about it for a second and I had to admit: "Actually, it makes me feel very satisfied. Before it was just me whining about the cold and the darkness. Now I have a scientific proof that November in Stockholm sucks!"

p.s. Kiruna has somehow managed to get at least 42 sunlight hours in November. This is also a record number that has never been reached before. I really wonder how that happenned, as Kiruna is 200 km to the North of the Polar Circle and between the 11th of December and the 1st of January the sun is not going up there at all.

Photo: Sergej Gratchev

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