The Proposal

We have been on a hiking trip in Jotunheimen, Norway, with our families and some of our closest friends. The weather turned out to be much worse than expected and during the first four days of hiking we had mostly been freezing, experiencing several snow storms, constant rain and extreme wind on our way.

After four days of hiking in these conditions we finally arrived at Spiterstulen - a camping site and a tourist lodge next to the highest mountain in Scandinavia - Galdhøpiggen. The ambition was to hike up the mountain the next day, but we were all freezing and that day we had already been hiking for ten hours under a constant rain and the motivation had disappeared a long time ago. Victor said that the next morning we would ask the personnel at the camping site whether the weather was safe for the hike and I remember falling asleep and waking up with one thought: I hope the weather is really horrible tomorrow so that we cannot go.

The next morning Victor said it was safe to go up the peak and I remember thinking: no way I'm going up there. No way. Then I realised that it was the last day of the trip and that if I do this I can move from the tent to a warm hotel room and have a glass of wine in the lounge next to a fireplace in the evening while still having a feeling of accomplishment. Giving up the last day destroys the purpose of the trip :) So I had to go.

After an intense four hour hike 1400 vertical meters up while taking pictures on the top Victor asked our friend to take a picture of the two of us and then started looking for something in his pocket! And then he proposed <3 Maybe we have weird winter engagement pictures with a white background where you cannot see anything but we've got a beautiful story and amazing memories that I am extremely thankful for <3

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