Thinking globally

I am taking my last classes at HSG now. Make as much fun of it as you want but even a quantitative finance student is supposed to take some classes from the contextual blocks. These usually include courses from the cultural and the leadership blocks and can be about whatever really.

I am taking a class on urbanization in developing countries. It is not about the process of planning a city but more about the issues the societies are facing in the mega-cities mostly in the Global South.

While many people in the class are a bit disappointed by the "softness" of the curriculum, I actually enjoy it a lot. The teacher has somehow managed to inspire a discussion in the class and many students choose to speak out about the issues they have seen while traveling or living in developing countries.

I feel that very often I get a bit emotional during the discussions (sometimes even without directly participating). There have been quite some talks about politics and democracy (I guess that is what makes me very emotional). Saying anything about social/political/corruption issues in Ukraine always make me shake anyway. But we have also had discussions on poverty and slums, feeling of exclusion, inequality and identity. These discussions make me think about that huge part of the Earth's population that doesn't live as good as we do in the developed economies. These discussions also make me feel like I am far away from any kind of action. Am I really doing things that matters?

The question is: haven't we become a way too comfortable about our lives? We are all aware about the fact that huge number of people are far worse off than we are, but do we really understand what it means? Do we do anything to help those who need help? What do we do not for the benefit of ourselves but for the benefit of other people sharing this world with us? Do we use the good in us? On a daily basis, do we?

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